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This week our hosts Aaron Harris and David Modders review the next episode of highly anticipated siege of Mandalore arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, “The Phantom Apprentice”! Join them as they break down the episode, analyze the character interactions, and discuss the epic lightsaber duel between Maul and Ahsoka!

Plus, they discuss the latest news about May the Fourth and the upcoming Cassian Andor series!

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This past Friday we witnessed “The Phantom Apprentice”, the second episode of the siege of Mandalore arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This final arc of the series promises to be the best yet and so far, it has exceeded expectations.

Today, Disney and Lucasfilm delivered our behind the scenes look at “The Phantom Apprentice”. We have gathered the videos as linked the episode guide below to make it easy to absorb all the goodness in.


All the behind the scenes material below does contain spoilers for “The Phantom Apprentice”. If you have not watched the episode yet and don’t want the plot or action ruined, don’t proceed any further. Come back and visit this post as soon as you have watched the episode.

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Things are getting so exciting as we experience the siege of Mandalore! Today, Disney and Lucasfilm released the preview of the upcoming episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars! Along with the preview, they released a series of still images from the episode entitled “The Phantom Apprentice”, the second episode of the final arc of the series! The episode will be released this Friday, April 24th, exclusively on Disney+!

Check out the preview and the stills below!

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