Welcome to Star Wars Reactions!

This week, we are excited to bring you an all new series to Star Wars Reactions! Our Vintage Reactions series will be released once a month and focus on reviews of classic Lucasfilm shows, like Ewoks, Droids, and more! 

For Episode 58, hosts Aaron Harris and David Modders kick off Vintage Reactions with a look at the premiere episode of the animated show Ewoks! Join them as they break down “The Cries of the Trees”, discuss their reactions to the episode, the differences in animation from then to now, and the moral of the story!

They also bring you the latest news from around the Star Wars saga. Plus David shares an all new Psychology Corner while Aaron cracks himself up with another Star Wars Dad Joke of the Week!

This is one episode you don’t want to miss!

Star Wars Reactions: Elegant discussions for a more civilized age!

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