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After taking a week off, hosts Aaron Harris and David Modders are back with a full load of news from the Star Wars universe! Both good news, and some bad news.

They follow it up with a discussion of their fondest memories of Galaxy’s Edge, which celebrated its 1 year anniversary on May 31st! They discuss the experience, the food, and the fun both Aaron and David had on their first trip to Galaxy’s Edge!

Plus find out what our next episode will be about so you can join the discussion!

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The fabulous Kristin Baver is back for an all new This Week In Star Wars, the weekly YouTube show in which Kristin discusses all that is happening in the world of Star Wars!

This week she looks at the new children’s game show Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge, several anniversaries in the Star Wars universe, and more!

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Lucasfilm released a preview of the new children’s game show Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge and I wish I was a kid again! Kids will be able to compete against each other in trials to become a Jedi. Unlike previously announced, the show will not air on Disney+ but on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel as well as StarWarsKids.com.

The show will be hosted by Ahmed Best, who will play Jedi Master Kelleran Beq, and Mary Holland, who will voice AD-3, Kelleran’s protocol droid. Sam Witwer will provide the voice for the Dark Side of the Force.

Check out the preview, the poster, and the official release below.

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