Our Fan Film Friday makes its triumphant return this week with what can only be described as the most unique Star Wars fan film I have ever seen. So unique I couldn’t wait to share this with you.

Star Wars Origins was written and directed by Phil Hawkins a long time Star Wars fan. In Origins, Phil and executive producer Gary Cowan take us on a journey where you wouldn’t think you would go for a Star Wars movie. This movie is set on Earth during the Second World War, this adventure is an interesting twist of Star Wars (of course) and Indiana Jones.

I know, right! Indiana Jones! Now don’t click away saying “It’s not Star Wars if its on Earth”. Trust me, you’ll love this. It was filmed on location in the Sahara Desert in Morocco and features an incredible cast.

I won’t spoil this film for your but hold on to your hats….helmets….seats….whatever and enjoy a journey you soon wont forget.

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