Welcome to Star Wars Reactions!

For the second week in a row, we are so excited to bring you a new monthly series called Reactions Chats! In this series, hosts Aaron Harris and David Modders will be sitting down with people from all sides of fandom discussing what Star Wars means to them and how the Saga has impacted their lives.

For our premiere chat, we are happy and humbled to welcome Mark Newbold! Mark is well known throughout Star Wars fandom. He has hosted and been a guest on numerous podcasts, he is currently the editor and chief of Fantha Tracks. He has written multiple articles for Star Wars Insider and is a contributor at StarWars.com. 

During our initial Reactions Chat, Aaron and David discuss what about the Saga appeals to Mark, as well as get his thoughts on the direction of fandom and the current offerings from a galaxy far, far away.

Plus Aaron and David discuss the latest news in the world of Star Wars, David brings us a brand new Psychology Corner and Aaron cracks himself up (again) with another SW Dad Joke of the Week!

Star Wars Reactions: Elegant discussions for a more civilized age!

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Kristin and her book club are back for another in-depth discussion! This week, they check out Star Wars: The Might Chewbacca and the Forest of Fear by Tom Angleberger!  Kristin is joined for the discussion by Kelly Knox, Mark Newbold, and the mighty Chewbacca himself, Joonas Suotamo!

Listen to the end and find out what the next book club episode will be about!

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