Welcome to Star Wars Reactions!

This week, hosts Aaron Harris and David Modders are back with a discussion that was so big, we split it into two episodes! Join them as they discuss Star Wars Weekends! This event is something close to their hearts and is responsible for bringing them together!

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Hello everybody!

Disney and Lucasfilm have released this weeks behind the scenes videos for the latest episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, “A Distant Echo”!

You can check both of them out below!

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Welcome to Star Wars Reactions!

In this episode, our hosts Aaron Harris and David Modders discuss the highly anticipated return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars which premieres February 21st on Disney+! 

The discussion focuses on the effect The Clone Wars had on their fandom and share stories of how it effected your fandom as well!

Plus the latest news!

Star Wars Reactions: Elegant discussions for a more civilized age!

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