Welcome to Star Wars Reactions!

In episode 52, hosts Aaron Harris and David Modders sit down to share their reactions to the 12th episode of The Bad Batch, “Rescue on Ryloth”! From the Imperial occupation of Ryloth, the infiltration of the base to rescue the Syndullas, to Hera’s early piloting skills, they break it all down for you.

Plus the latest news as well as David shares an all new Psychology Corner! And yes, Aaron’s obsession with Chopper continues.

Star Wars Reactions: Elegant discussions for a more civilized age!

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Welcome to Star Wars Reactions!

Hosts Aaron Harris and David Modders survived Hurricane Elsa to bring you a doubleheader for episode 51! This week, they react to the 10th and 11th installments of the Disney+ series, The Bad Batch, “Common Ground” and “Devil’s Deal”! Listen in as they breakdown their reactions to the stories and discuss topics from each. You’ll hear all about character development, surprise guests, and Aaron’s obsession with a certain astromech.

Plus they discuss the breaking Emmy nominations and David brings us an all new Psychology Corner! You don’t want to miss this doubleheader!

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Hasbro announced today that the long awaited Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios from the hit animated show Star Wars Rebels is coming The Black Series line of figures! Along with Zeb, the entire Ghost crew is being re-released  in new packaging! Pre-orders are up now at the Hasbro Pulse website. The re-release figures will retail for $19.99 while Zeb, due to his size, will retail at $29.99.

Check out the Zeb and the new packaging below!

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