This past Friday we witnessed “The Phantom Apprentice”, the second episode of the siege of Mandalore arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This final arc of the series promises to be the best yet and so far, it has exceeded expectations.

Today, Disney and Lucasfilm delivered our behind the scenes look at “The Phantom Apprentice”. We have gathered the videos as linked the episode guide below to make it easy to absorb all the goodness in.


All the behind the scenes material below does contain spoilers for “The Phantom Apprentice”. If you have not watched the episode yet and don’t want the plot or action ruined, don’t proceed any further. Come back and visit this post as soon as you have watched the episode.

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Welcome to Star Wars Reactions!

This week, in our 10th episode, our hosts Aaron Harris and David Modders review the latest episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, “Together Again”!

Plus, they discuss the latest news around the Saga, how this arc ties into the upcoming Siege Of Mandalore arc, and let you know something to help you prepare for the long anticipated final arc of the series!

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Today Disney and Lucasfilm released a preview and still for the start of the final arc of the hit animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars! The final arc will debut exclusively on Disney+ this Friday with the episode “Old Friends Not Forgotten”.

Reunions with friends and long time enemies mark this exciting closing arc of The Clone Wars. Check out the stills and the preview for the final arc below!

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At the end of season 4, Dave Filoni shocked fandom with the final two episodes of the season by bringing back fan favorite, Darth Maul, who was supposed to have died in The Phantom Menace when Obi-Wan Kenobi literally cut him in two. His revival, voiced by the talented Sam Witwer, took season 5 to a whole new level, bringing in more baddies into a galactic war.

If you need a refresher, or if you haven’t seen any of Maul’s story from The Clone Wars, Star Wars Kids on YouTube has started sharing an awesome series to get everyone refreshed and ready for the upcoming final season. It’s called “Star Wars: The Clone Wars In Under Five Minutes” and the latest episode is all about Maul’s Clone Wars journey!

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The return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is imminent! A week away from the premiere of the final season on Disney+, and we have been graced with another trailer! It appears the first arc will focus on Clone Force 99, aka the Bad Batch. These are a group of “defective clones with desirable mutations”. If all of this sounds familiar, it should. Not long after the release of “Lost Missions”, which we thought would be the end of The Clone Wars, Dave Filoni and Lucasfilm surprised everyone with a 4 episode arc story reel about the Bad Batch. These unfinished episodes helped fan the flames of the #SaveTheCloneWars movement whose efforts were finally rewarded with the shocking announcement at San Diego Comic Con in 2018. If you missed those story reels, don’t worry, it appears the first arc of the final season will be the Bad Batch arc. Check out the preview released by Lucasfilm below.

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