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This week, our hosts Aaron Harris and David Modders finish their review of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian with their review of the final episodes of the docu-series. They discuss the fantastic score and the easter eggs included in the series which connected to the movies and shows which came before it.

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Through out the day yesterday, Lucasfilm released some Clone Wars goodies about the latest episode, “On The Wings Of Keeradaks”!

In this episode, Anakin and the clones escape Purkoll City to the local Poletec village but are pursued by the droid forces of Wat Tambor who will stop at nothing to get his “experiment” back.

So what went into making this episode? Check out the extras from “On The Wings Of Keeradaks” below!

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Hello everybody!

Disney and Lucasfilm have released this weeks behind the scenes videos for the latest episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, “A Distant Echo”!

You can check both of them out below!

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