In the premiere episode of Star Wars Reactions, you heard our hosts answer several questions about themselves, their fandom, and more. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, they didn’t get to answer all of the questions. So as promised, they are providing you with their answers to all the questions put before them in series we are calling “Get To Know”.

In part 2  of “Get To Know”, co-host Aaron Harris sat down and shared his thoughts on the questions.


    1. Is your jam the OT, PT, or ST?  OT, all the way!
    2. Thoughts on The Clone Wars returning to Disney+ this month? I’m super excited for the return of The Clone Wars. I was late getting into The Clone Wars originally (long story, for another time), but I’m really excited to see how Dave Filoni ties it up on his terms.
    3. Looking back at 2019, what was the best SW content to come out?  I would have to say The Mandalorian. It was a new venture into a new world and it rocked fandom in a way no one expected.
    4. What do you hope to accomplish with this podcast? I want to have a positive impact on fandom. There has been so much negativity across the spectrum which has been a real downer. I want Star Wars Reactions to promote a positive atmosphere where everyone and their opinions are welcome. 
    5. Favorite novel since the Disney acquisition? That’s a touch one cause there have been so many great books written and several I have yet to read. Of the ones I have, I would have to say that it’s an extremely close tie between Thrawn by Timothy Zahn and A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller are my favorites.
    6. What’s your favorite character (live action or animated)? Overall, I would have to say my favorite character is Obi-Wan Kenobi, and that is directly because of the way The Clone Wars fleshed out the character through the series. An extremely close second place is Chopper (Star Wars Rebels). Depending on the day, it may be reversed.
    7. If you could have any droid as an assistant, who would you choose? ummm…duh…..Chopper of course!
    8. What is your first memory of Star Wars? My first real memory of Star Wars is watching A New Hope on VHS while taking cover behind the coffee table i flipped over so i could blast some bucket heads while they were storming the Tantive IV
    9. What made you become a fan of Star Wars? Honestly it was the story. The good vs evil struggle which, in the world of Star Wars was so black and white.
    10. What do you feel is the most important thing about Star Wars? To me the most important thing about Star Wars is the story of redemption weaved through the entire Saga. So many characters are on a path to redemption. Besides the obvious answers like Anakin/Vader and Kylo/Ben, characters like Jyn Erso, Kanan Jarrus, and the Mandalorian all travelled the road to redemption in one way or another. That’s a blog for a different day. Maybe even a series of blogs discussing the redemption stories of various characters….what do you think?
    11. Do you collect? If so, what? I do collect. I used to collect everything I could get my hands on but due to a lack of space I have cut my collection down dramatically. Now I focus on only a couple of things: anything Star Wars Rebels related and Obi-Wan Kenobi related.
    12. Who’s the best pilot: Han, Hera, or Poe? A controversial question to say the least. I have to go with Hera. We see her fly so many vehicles of various sizes and shapes.
    13. Outside of Star Wars, what are your interests? I love spending time with my family, attending church where I run sound, and hanging out with friends. I enjoy watching football and hockey and attending Florida Southern College basketball games.
    14. What aspects of mythology do you enjoy in the Star Wars Saga? This kinda ties into questions 9 and 10. The hero’s journey and the redemption stories are what I enjoy the most. Being a man of faith, the redemption aspect is the most appealing because the stories mirror’s my need for redemption before salvation.
    15. If you could meet any SW actor, either live action or voice actor, who would it be? I came super close to meeting Mark Hamill during Star Wars Weekends one year. Literally he was walking right toward me and the friends i was with when a castmember swooped in and redirected him somewhere else. It was so disappointing. So I would have to say Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford. And Frank Oz. 
    16. What parts/themes/characters from SW resonate with your faith upbringing? Again, ties right in to several questions above. Redemption is huge for me, as I have said. We see or are told about the bad choices characters made. We judge them harshly on their actions and question whether redemption is even possible. Then it happens. It’s not unlike our journey. We all have made bad choices and mistakes but it’s how we respond to those choices that defines us. 
    17. Do you think redemption could really occur for Darth Vader & Kylo Ren, especially after all the death and destruction they dealt out in anger? I have to say yes I did for Vader. When we saw his redemption, we were just told he was evil but we never really saw a lot of it. If I would have seen the prequels first, then I probably would have a hard time believing it after seeing the slaughter of the younglings. Kylo Ren I wanted to see redeemed but after seeing him kill Snoke and take his place, I was wondering if it was possible. I’m glad it happened. 
    18. Which Star Wars character can you most relate to? This will be the most random answer probably you’ll see but I feel I relate more to Kazuda Xiono, aka Kaz, from Star Wars Resistance. He aims to do what’s right but tends to screw it up somehow. I tend to do that a lot.


Listener Questions:

    1. Favorite Star Wars Droid (Rebel Base Card, twitter) easy…Chopper!
    2. What are you looking forward to the most in this new season of The Clone Wars? (Tyler Overstreet, Facebook) I’m looking forward most to the siege of Mandalore arc that is coming. I want to see the fall out of the death of Satine and how Kenobi responds returning there.
    3. What color would your lightsaber be? (Cameron Ramos, twitter) I know there is a chart online which explains the meanings of the colors, i just have never really looked at it. With that said, I would choose blue because (1) its my favorite color, and (2) it’s the color of Obi-Wan’s saber.
    4. What would be your reactions to the death of your favorite character on screen? (No one is really gone…) (Cory Clubb, twitter) Very interesting question. Mine is a unique situation cause I saw Kenobi’s death prior to him becoming my favorite character so it didn’t have much of an impact on me. Watching him hold Satine while she died was more of an impact for me than Kenobi’s own death. Now if they ever killed off Chopper, I would be rioting in the streets!

What do you think of Aaron’s answers? Did you get to know him better? Share your thoughts and even your answers to these questions in the comments. Plus make sure you are following Aaron on Twitter!