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This week, we are proud to kick off a new series of character profiles! Unlike the profiles you will see out there, we are going to be profiling the secondary characters of the Star Wars universe! Ones who you might see and know but have very little air time so are easily forgotten about. These characters still have stories and we are bringing them to you!

To kick off this series, hosts Aaron Harris and David Modders are taking a look at Zare Leonis. You might remember Zare from the two episodes he showed up in during Star Wars Rebels, but did you know his story was fleshed out by author Jason Fry in a four book series entitled “Servants Of The Empire”? 

David and Aaron bring you his story, their favorite Zare moments and more! And yes, David’s Psychology Corner is back!

Star Wars Reactions: Elegant discussions for a more civilized age!

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