It’s Wednesday and today we got the 4th installment of the hit children’s game show, Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge! The show, hosted by Ahmed Best with the voice talent Mary Holland, pits 3 teams of kids in their own Jedi trials!

New episodes are released on Wednesdays on both and the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel.

Sit back and enjoy this weeks episode of Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge!

Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge

Join Jedi Master Kelleran Beq (Ahmed Best), wise-cracking protocol droid AD-3 (Mary Holland), and astromech LX-R5 in Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge, as they guide Padawans Max and Oz (Blue Team), Aalaya and Brooke (Orange Team), and Joanna and Joey (Purple Team) in their quest to become Jedi Knights! #StayHome #WithMe

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