Welcome to the first ever Star Wars Reactions Fan Film Friday!

Fan films have been around for a long time. Now in the age of YouTube, they have become numerous. There are so many fan films out there it is nearly impossible to watch everyone and its even easier to miss one. Because of this, an idea was birthed. Fan Film Friday! Here is how it will work: every Friday, we will share a Star Wars fan film with you to enjoy. The goal is to simply shine a light on the fans who worked hard on their creations. Some you may have seen, some you may not have.

All we ask is if you enjoy the short film, let the creator know by following the link to their YouTube and once there either give them a thumbs up and/or leave a comment saying so.

So without further to do…here is this weeks Star Wars fan film!

Mace Windu – Star Wars Fan Film

This weeks fan film was created by Full Fledged Productions. It is set 20 years before the events of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. In the film, we see a young Mace Windu (played by William A Smith) on a mission to rescue Jin Moor (played by Mac Comstock). Of course, as in any Star Wars story, the rescue doesn’t go as planned.

Click here if you liked the fan film so you can leave the Full Fledged Productions feedback on their film.

See ya next week with our next Fan Film Friday!


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