It’s Friday, which means one thing, it is time to feature another incredible fan film for your enjoyment!

For this weeks edition of our Fan Film Friday, we are proud to present Kenobi – A Star Wars Fan Film!

Taking place between the prequels and original trilogy, this film focuses in on Ben Kenobi during his self-imposed exile on Tatooine while he is watching over young Luke Skywalker. Keep an eye out while you are watching it, you might just recognize a certain The Clone Wars voice actor disguised in an Imperial uniform.

So grab your favorite snack, kick back and enjoy Kenobi – A Star Wars Film!

Kenobi – A Star Wars Film

Directed by Jason Satterlund

Produced by James McLean & Jamie Costa

Executive Producers Danny Peykoff, Jamie Costa, Rich Ferguson

Director of Photography Jac Cheairs

Production Designer Danielle Thompson

Original Music by Andrew Gerlicher

Music Performed by The Budapest Scoring Orchestra

Story by Rob Harmon

Screenplay by Jamie Costa & Jason Satterlund and Rob Harmon

Film Editors Ben Anklam & Jason Satterlund

Costume Designer Jennifer Newman

Key Make-up Artist Megan Wilbur

Stunt Coordinator Tony Snegoff

Visual Effects Supervisor Cody Stoltz

Colorist Adam Scott

Obi-Wan Kenobi Jamie Costa

Owen Lars Tommy Snider

Beru Lars Maxine Phoenix

Luke Skywalker Audie Rick

Captain Leegus James Arnold Taylor

Imperial Officer Rich Ferguson

Sand Trooper Gary Howe

Storm Trooper #1 Alexander Stephens

Storm Trooper #2 Benjamin James

Stunt Storm Trooper #1 Sam Bakke

Stunt Storm Trooper #2 Gregg Sargeant

Stunt Scout Trooper Carlos C. Duarte

Tusken Raider #1 Kevin M. Ritz

Tusken Raider #2 Miguel Sanchez

Sand Trooper Voiceover Gary Howe

Storm/ Scout Trooper VO James Arnold Taylor

Qui-Gon Jinn Voiceover Josh Robert Thompson


So, what did you think of Kenobi – A Star Wars Fan film? If you enjoyed the film, click here to leave Jamie Costa a thumbs up and/or a comment to let them know you liked it!

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See ya next week for our next Fan Film Friday!

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