Happy Friday!

As we mentioned in January, we are bringing back SWR Fan Film Fridays on a bi monthly basis!  There are a lot of fan films out there and we love sharing them with you!

For our 2021 return, we are proud to bring you Star Wars: Exile!

This fan film, released in 2016, was written by Noel Braham who also directed it with Pokey Spears. It takes place after the events of Order 66 in a time where the Jedi are being hunted by new Galactic Empire. Exile tells the story of Jedi Master Boemana Tora and her Padawan Makal Lori who have fled to the outer rim to hid. Little do they know there is an Inquisitor hot on their trail.

What I love about this fan film is that it opens with a very familiar Jedi being hunted, the legendary Quinlan Vos! He is a Jedi I wish we would have seen a lot more of.


I am going to take a second and warn you, there is some very graphic visuals at the beginning of this film. If you are squeamish when it comes to blood and guts, you might want to skip the beginning. I personally enjoyed the complexity of the scene but understand how some might find it too much to handle. It’s really well done.

Now that that is out of the way, enjoy the film!


Noel Braham as Makal Lori

Pokey Spears as Inquisitor

Georginna Savoye as Boemana Tora

Bria Roberts as Jedi J

Sal Perales as Quinlan Vos

Brent Rudmann as Boba Fett

Ben Baker as Dendros Genet

Dupree Jones as Darth Vader

Christopher Robert Baker as TK–69700

Emmanuel Paja as TK–52227


If you enjoyed the film, make sure you head over to YouTube and give them a thumbs up!

Make sure you join us for our next Fan Film Friday!

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