In the premiere episode of Star Wars Reactions, you heard our hosts answer several questions about themselves, their fandom, and more. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, they didn’t get to answer all of the questions. So as promised, they are providing you with their answers to all the questions put before them in series we are calling “Get To Know”.

This edition of “Get To Know”, co-host David Modders sat down and shared his answers.

1) Is your jam the OT, PT, or ST? It is the OT. I was 8 years old when the original Star Wars debuted in movie theaters. It is still the only SW movie I’ve seen in theaters in double digits (10 times!). I absolutely love The Empire Strikes Back and I had to wait 3 years to find out if Vader was lying to Luke. I was fortunate to see The Return of the Jedi on opening night in May 1983. I want to say that I really enjoy the PT and the ST that just wrapped up this past December 2019.
2) Thoughts on The Clone Wars returning to Disney+ this month? I’m ecstatic! When it was announced at San Diego Comic Con in August 2018, I was super pumped. Each season got better and I was sad to see it “end” after Season 5, and then again after Season 6 (those 13 episodes went straight to Netflix). To have Dave Filoni end The Clone Wars is beyond cool.
3) Looking back at 2019, what was the best SW content to come out? I remember Twitter polls asking SW fans what they were most looking forward to in 2019…a) The Rise of Skywalker; b) Jedi Fallen Order; c) The Mandalorian? Now with hindsight, I would say that the best content to come out was The Mandalorian. It was 8 episodes of SW deliciousness…and The Child? Come on!
4) What do you hope to accomplish with this podcast? As we said in the premier episode, Aaron and I are wanting listeners to have fun. Fandom has been quite toxic over the past few years, and we are just not a part of that…and we won’t be. We will be a place for civil conversation and discourse focused on the SW saga. Aaron and I have plans for the future of this podcast that we haven’t fully fleshed out yet, but I’m excited for all of that to develop within the podcast as well.
5) Favorite novel since the Disney acquisition? This wasn’t too hard for me. It is “Lost Stars” by Claudia Gray. The novel was incredible and Claudia Gray has continued to produce other excellent SW novels (e.g., Bloodline, Master and Apprentice).
6) What’s your favorite character (Live action or animated)? Luke Skywalker!!
7) If you could have any droid as an assistant, who would you choose? R2-D2. I love that droid.
8) What is your first SW memory? I was in Midland, MI in the local theater in the summer of 1977. We, my parents and I, were getting ready to watch Star Wars or the first time and a family sitting by us were so excited to see SW again because they had seen it the day before. I remember the mother saying “You’re gonna love this movie. And Darth Vader is awesome!” She was right!
9) What made you become a fan of SW? While watching the original movie for the first time, I loved how Luke turned off his targeting computer and used the Force to help the Rebels defeat the evil Empire. It was about good defeating evil. It was mythological. It resonated with me and I became a fan instantly.
10) What do you think is the most important thing about Star Wars? As I said in our premiere episode, it is the mythological underpinnings that are the most important thing about SW and it is why we are talking about it 43 years later.
11) Do you collect? If so, what? My collecting has dropped off over the years because of space limitations. I so badly need a “Star Wars Room” but don’t. I did collect the original action figures when I was a kid, and I made a strong effort to collect the original SW cards from TOPPS.
12) Who’s the best pilot? Han! And Greg from Rebel Base Card helped give me some ammunition to support my case…although Aaron’s argument for Hera is hard to beat!
13) Outside of Star Wars, what are your interests? I enjoy my son’s basketball games and my daughter’s ballet performances. I am a college basketball junky and absolutely love March Madness!!
14) What aspects of mythology do you enjoy in the Star Wars saga? Of course, I love the Hero’s Journey. I really enjoy the mythological role of the mentor (e.g., Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda) in the movies and animated series. This is a subject I want to talk about more in-depth on future episodes of this podcast.
15) If you could meet any SW actor, either live action or voice actor, who would it be? This is not an easy question. I would say Mark Hamill…just barely over James Arnold Taylor. Or James Arnold Taylor just barely over Mark Hamill. Or both!!
16) What parts/themes/characters from SW resonate with your faith upbringing? The theme of good ultimately defeating evil resonates with my faith. The Force very much makes me think about the Holy Spirit. Luke reminds me of a savior figure.
17) Do you think redemption could really occur for Darth Vader & Kylo Ren, especially after all the death and destruction they dealt out in anger? Well, this is quite a question. One that people have thought about for ages. If I think about this question from a human perspective, I don’t see it happening. If I think about this question from a faith-based/mythological perspective, it can happen. In the Bible, the disciples hear Jesus talking about eternal life. They end up asking the question I would ask…”how can anyone be saved?” Jesus answers “with humans, it isn’t possible. But with God, anything is possible.” It definitely helps to hear that!!!
18) Which Star Wars character can you most relate to? I think Chewbacca. I happen to be tall…not as tall as Chewbacca. But, I want to help others, I’m a co-host/co-pilot to Aaron, and I give big Wookiee hugs to family and friends!!
So what did you think of David’s answers? Did you get to know him better? Share your thoughts in the comments. Make sure you are following David on Twitter!
Look for the answers co-host Aaron Harris coming soon.

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