Star Wars Reactions

Star Wars Reactions is a Star Wars centric podcast hosted by Aaron Harris and David Modders. They met at Star Wars Weekends 2015 and quickly became friends. David joined Aaron on his previous podcast, Rebels Reactions, and eventually they teamed up as co-hosts on Resistance Reactions, Now they embark on this adventure together exploring the Star Wars galaxy! Look for reviews of the movies, TV shows, comics and books! 

Star Wars Reactions: Elegant discussion for a more civilized era!

Aaron Harris


Aaron resides in central Florida with his wife and two daughters. Growing up, he lived in Costa Rica, Uruguay, as well as the United States. Yes, he is bilingual (English and Spanish) Outside of Star Wars, Aaron lives spending time with his family, attending conventions, hanging out with is friends and watching various sports. He is also a big Disney fan. Aaron is very involved in his local church where he is a part of the tech team. His family and faith are the most important part of his everyday life.

Aaron has a long history when it comes to Star Wars. Growing up overseas, all he had were copies of the original trilogy on VHS taped off TV. With his lack of access to the Legends novels (or the lack of knowledge of their existence), he drifted away from the Star Wars fandom. it wasn’t until 2012  when his friend invited him to his first Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios that everything changed. Its a long story but suffice it to say, his fandom awoke with a vengeance!  Since then he has gone on to be a special correspondent covering SWW, a blogger and host of both Rebels Reactions and Resistance Reactions.

David Modders


David, who was born and raised in Central Michigan, now resides in Central Florida with his wife and two children. When he is not busy talking Star Wars with Aaron, he is usually watching his son’s basketball games and his daughter’s ballet performances. As Aaron said, family and faith are the most important aspects in his life.

David was 8 years old when Star Wars debuted on the silver screen in 1977. He fell in love with the franchise then, and is still in love with it today. In 2011, he attended Star Wars Weekends where he got to meet Anthony Daniels, and see the maker himself, George Lucas, open the newly revamped “Star Tours” ride. That amped his fandom more than ever. This led to more Star Wars Weekends and the most fortuitous event…meeting Aaron there in 2015. This led to cohosting the podcasts “Rebels Reactions” and “Resistance Reactions.”

All of this history has led to “Star Wars Reactions.” May The Force Be With You and this podcast!!